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Indian Course is closed for the remainder of the summer.
Mountain & Royal courses OPEN

Fire Ants

With the arrival of warmer weather ant activity has increased throughout the golf course. There are many ant species in the Southern California Desert, as well as two different Fire Ant species. The more aggressive Imported Red Fire Ant (IRFA) has a very painful bite and sting. Distinguishing IRFA from other red ants is impossible without a microscope. Distinguishing different fire ant species is only possible through DNA testing. Since accurate identification is difficult all mounds will be treated as IRFA.

Indian Palms Country Club participates in the IRFA program ran by Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District (District). All three nines were treated by the District June 22 – 24. In addition our in house scouting and treatment will start next week, June 27, 2016. All treated mounds will be identified with RED irrigation flags (see picture below). Red irrigation flags will only be used on IPCC property to identify ant mounds. For everyone’s safety please do not disturb flagged mounds. While playing, if your ball lands in a flagged area please retrieve your ball and play the area as Ground Under Repair.   

Red Flags         

The material we use to treat Imported Red Fire Ants (IFRA) kills ants as they feed on the bait and also sterilizes the queen(s). All treated mounds are checked the following day. If the mound is still active it will be treated again. In a majority of mounds no activity is observable after one treatment. During the summer of 2015, control of treated mounds after a single treatment cycle lasted all summer. With this particular pest eradication is impossible, but it can be controlled and kept in check.

If your HOA is participating in the District’s IFRA program, IPCC is willing to coordinate treatment. Coordinating treatments not only maximizes control but deals with necessary items like, irrigation shutdowns, access and insures that steps can be taken to limit exposure to residents, HOA gardeners, IPCC staff and IPCC members and guest. Control of IRFA can only be accomplished if HOA’s and IPCC work together, being a good neighbor is in everyone’s interest.


Ron Mahaffey

Golf Course Superintendent